5 Scheduled Crypto Listings for 2023 Aiming to Beat Industry Records

5 Scheduled Crypto Listings for 2023 Aiming to Beat Industry Records

The cryptocurrency market is not expected to get any smaller in size. Adoption is growing, and investors are clamoring for the best assets in the market as we head into 2023. There are numerous tokens that have existed for a long time that continue to see a lot of capital flow in – but there are also many up-and-coming assets that are gaining a lot of attention.

As 2022 comes to a close, a number of projects have announced launches in 2023 or late 2022. We describe some of the most exciting ones here, so you can prepare yourself for their respective launches.

5 Scheduled Crypto Listings for 2023


The first, and potentially the most significant token on this list, is IMPT. The asset is of importance because it focuses on a very relevant issue: protecting our environment. The project allows users to acquire carbon credits in a variety of ways, whether that’s shopping or purchasing the credits on the IMPT marketplace.

There are three main features to the IMPT platform: a carbon marketplace, a shopping platform, and a social platform. The team has several features and developments planned for the future, including merchandise launches, an NFT launch, and new partnerships. It also plans to bring a lot of retailers on board, with 10,000 retailers already on board.

The company is using blockchain technology to prove that the industry can have a positive impact on the environment, proving that topical concerns about energy consumption are outdated. The network is built on top of Ethereum, and IMPT itself is carbon-zero. The team chose the Ethereum network because its Proof-of-Stake transition had reduced the network’s power consumption by over 99%, on top of it being highly secure and efficient at processing data.

As for the presale, 600 million tokens will be offered at $0.018 during the first presale, 660 million tokens will be offered at $0.023 during the second presale, and 540 million tokens will be offered at $0.028 in the final presale.

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FIREPIN is a metaverse-focused project that has multiple strategies as part of its effort to become a lynchpin of the NFT space. The decentralized protocol will be collateralized and backed by the metaverse DAO, which will handle such things as the treasury fund.

The purpose of the protocol itself is to fund NFT game development, including 3D and VR games. All major decisions are handled by the community. One of the reasons that this has potential is because it is tapping into the fast-growing blockchain-based game space, which has been shown to be popular with the general public.

3. Big Eyes (BIG)

Big Eyes (BIG) is another popular NFT project that is tapping into the appeal of NFT collections that have a wholesome design. The collection, which is like a crypto cathouse, has already undergone its pre-sale, with $3.2 million raised so far. The smart contracts have been fully audited by Solidity Finance and the team has been verified by CoinSniper.

The features and developments that are being worked on include NFT release, donations to charity, more swaps, and media stunts, among other things. There are 200 billion BIG tokens available, with 80% of them available at launch. 5% of the total supply will be held in a charity wallet that donates to charities focused on saving oceans.

4. The Hideaways (HDWY)

The Hideaways is a project that wants to give users the opportunity to invest in luxury properties through crypto. Holders of the token can manage a portfolio of luxury properties across the world through the investment platform. These properties are represented through NFTs, with each NFT broken into fractions to allow fractionalized investment that goes as low as $100.

The benefits of investment include passive income generation through the renting out of properties, second capital appreciation through NFT trading, and the staking of the HDWY token. Holders can also receive a Club Hideaway membership which has exclusive perks and a tiered VIP system.

5. Lucky Block (LBLOCK)

Lucky Block is a competition platform that uses the popular Play-to-Earn model. The platform has a wide variety of competitions, including an opportunity to win $1 million in BTC and a Lamborghini luxury sports car. There are also weekly giveaways for completing tasks assigned on Gleam.

Now, while the LBLOCK token is already available, there are some reasons to think that it could beat industry records in 2023. For one thing, the team launched LBLOCK v2 earlier this year, and will implement a monthly 1% burn towards the end of 2022.

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2023 is shaping up to be another tremendous year for crypto, with new innovations and ideas set to take the market by storm. The list of assets that we described above are good examples of what the asset class has to offer, and projects like IMPT, in particular, stand to shake up the market.

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