Best Commodities | Trading Terms


Gold and Oil are just the tips of the iceberg when it comes to commodities.

Energy, precious metals, and agricultural products are what make the world function. They are its lifeblood and vital organs. Because of this importance, they are actually traded often with futures, so that there is a guarantee that they will be there when needed.

From politics and weather to disease and speculation, commodities are among the most volatile instruments in the financial world. Their specifics are governed by a wide range of variables and understanding what drives their prices up and down is one of the hardest challenges that traders face.

Among the other more popular commodities we have silver, natural gas, wheat, orange juice, cattle. The list is actually quite long and the factors that change their price too. Whether it’s interest rates in the U.S., oil production in Saudi Arabia and Venezuela, or an insect invasion in Southeast Asia, it’s definitely an exciting world to trade-in.

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