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Bitcoin Price Touches $20,000 For First Time Post-FTX Collapse

Bitcoin price has tapped $20,000 for the first time since the FTX. Not only was the level important support that broke down during the contagion, but it was also the former 2017 all-time high.

Here’s what the recent price move could mean for the cryptocurrency market.

Bitcoin Reaches Key Level And 2017 ATH

At approximately 6PM ET, Bitcoin price touched $20,000. Losing the level put stress on long-term holders by sending the price per coin tumbling to $15,800 and far below the former 2017 bull market peak.

After being rejected in 2017, cryptocurrencies fell into a long bear market. It wasn’t until December 2020 when Bitcoin once again made it above the critical level. And when it did, it blasted right through it to $60,000.

Once Bitcoin has reclaimed the level, what happens next?

BTCUSD Levels To Watch For Next 

Considering how bearish the sentiment was throughout 2022, crypto holders aren’t yet ready to FOMO into Bitcoin simply due to a break of $20,000. The top cryptocurrency may need to rally higher before the crowd begins to pile in.

Bitcoin above $28,000 could be a sign of a more sustainable recovery. Meanwhile, rejection at $20,000 again could be catastrophic for the crypto market and cause BTC to try for new lows.

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