Cherry Network – Empowering Creativity, Freedom, and Decentralization with Blockchain-Based Smart Contracts and User-Friendly Content Creation Tools

Cherry Network – Empowering Creativity, Freedom, and Decentralization with Blockchain-Based Smart Contracts and User-Friendly Content Creation Tools

Only with the right tech, tools, and infrastructure can we usher in the Web3-based decentralized future the world needs. Cherry Network was built to do just that. Here’s how.

From Centralization to Decentralization via Blockchain

The concepts of distributed ledger technology (DLT) and transparent, auditable transactions secured in a blockchain have been revolutionary for multiple reasons. First, they raised the bar in terms of what was possible in the provision of massively scaled online apps and services. Why should end users be restricted by the rules and limits of centralized apps and platforms instead of everyone participating on equal terms? Blockchain-based decentralization offers a way around this, and helps give the power back to the user. Second, this “changing of the guard” and the removal of centralized gatekeepers has opened new frontiers of value for innovations and ideas targeted at the billions of global users who have grown weary of the restrictions, unfettered clout, and unilateral censorship power of centralized tech powerhouses.

Because of these developments, it is no wonder that blockchain-based apps and services have taken the world by storm. We now have successful crypto and blockchain projects operating in every field from healthcare, finance, and entertainment to governance, education, transportation, and more.

From Web2 to Web3

Blockchain’s early days took place in Web2, which was largely dominated by large, centralized apps and platforms. Think of Apple’s App Store, Google’s Play Store, YouTube, Facebook, and other centralized platforms that boast billions of users but are controlled by centralized entities. With the growth of the decentralized, user-focused Web3, however, things are changing rapidly. We now have decentralized apps and solutions that run on trustless, transparent, and censor-proof smart contracts connecting with decentralized file storage replacing centralized Web2 apps running on centralized servers.

This is a monumental paradigm shift that, although occurring slowly, is the inevitable endgame for Web2 apps and services. Once Web3 gains critical mass and all the world’s leading brands, apps, and services migrate to decentralized infrastructures, having the right network backbone and the right tools, incentives, and support services in place will be critical to value creation, profitability, and success Enter Cherry Network

Cherry Network is a layer-1 blockchain infrastructure that bridges smart contracts to decentralized file systems. Using the infallible if-else logic of smart contracts, integrating services built on that logic with decentralized data storage, and building an ecosystem of secure, transparent, low-cost, and high-performance products, services, and solutions, Cherry Network is revolutionizing the very concept of blockchain-based decentralized app development.

Some of the key features of the platform include complete user and developer privacy, decentralized storage of data, and seamless payments integrations, as well as on-chain staking, full EVM compatibility, and zero-knowledge rollups (off-chain processing of transactions that are “rolled up” and brought on-chain in a single transaction, reducing cost, congestion, and time). With on-chain throughput of around 20,000 TPS, multiple wallet integrations, high-level partnerships, and a bevy of development activity within the ecosystem, Cherry Network should quickly become a vital component in the landscape of Web3-native decentralized applications.

Development Team

Cherry boasts a core team with over a decade of experience in the cryptocurrency space. The team is led by Herman Jacobs, CEO of Cherry Labs, an incubator focused solely on the Cherry ecosystem, who is responsible for overseeing the technical and business side of the network.

Partners and Projects

Cherry Network has several partnerships in place with some of the most high-profile investment firms in the industry. These include Luben Capital and Shima Capital. There are also many exciting projects being built out on the platform, including, which is a high-growth investment launchpad for retail investing at the VC level,, a complete content platform for artists and creators that is fully decentralized and free of censorship, and, which is a decentralized protocol for payments and crypto services.

Cherry and the Future

As the world converges on a decentralized Web3 future for the internet, we expect to see an influx of projects, talent, and capital entering this space. Cherry is positioned as an innovative and forward-thinking crypto project that espouses all of the key principles of blockchain and decentralization, like transparency, solving real-world problems, and creating value. In shunning meme-coin and moon-coin marketing, not focusing on price but on value, and building tools and solutions that work for everyone, Cherry will be at the forefront of the next tech revolution.

Over the next few days and weeks, Cherry will announce a new high-level partnership, and the network mainnet will be launched between June 12 and 14, 2022. Staking will go live one week later, and within the next few weeks dozens of projects will be using the Cherry Chain as a host of developer tools and resources are built out for the ecosystem..

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