Battle Of The GOATs: Cristiano Ronaldo Scores Big With NFT Launch, Will Lionel Messi Follow Suit?

At the beginning of July, Binance announced its latest collaboration with soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

The partnership will launch a new non-fungible token (NFT) collection called “Forever CR7: The GOAT,” featuring 20 unique designs spread across four levels of rarity. 

The collection will celebrate some of the most iconic moments from Ronaldo’s illustrious career, with each NFT representing a significant goal or milestone.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s NFT Collection On Binance

The “Forever CR7: The GOAT” collection is significant because it marks a major milestone in the convergence of sports and NFTs. The partnership between Binance and Ronaldo is expected to generate significant interest within the crypto and sports communities. 

Binance’s CEO, Changpeng Zhao, commented on the partnership, saying they are thrilled to partner with Ronaldo on this new NFT collection. Ronaldo is one of the greatest soccer players of all time and a global icon with an enormous fan base. They believe the Forever CR7 collection will be a huge success and milestone in the sports and non-fungible token industries.

The growing trend of athletes monetizing their brands through digital collectibles is evident in the non-fungible token collections released by other sports stars. 

For example, American football quarterback Tom Brady partnered with non-fungible token platform Autograph to release a collection of digital collectibles in 2021, while basketball player JaVale McGee released a collection of NFTs called “Mint Condition” through the NFT marketplace, OpenSea. 

Other sports stars who released non-fungible tokens include soccer players Gerard Pique, Mesut Ozil, and boxer Tyson Fury.

But there is a possibility of another battle between two of soccer’s greatest players, often considered the GOATs in the sport, but this time off the pitch. Will Lionel Messi enter the non-fungible token marketplace and release his collection in collaboration with a major exchange like Binance to compete with Cristiano Ronaldo?

Messi Vs. Ronaldo, Is An non-fungible token Showdown On The Horizon?

Lionel Messi has already made his mark in the non-fungible token world by releasing his latest collection in collaboration with Ethernal Labs. The collection features five digital collectibles commemorating Messi’s international career, and they are available for purchase using Ethernity’s native crypto token, ERN. 

In a statement, Messi expressed his excitement about his latest NFT collection and his partnership with Ethernal Labs: 

I am happy to kick off my next NFT collection in partnership with Ethernal Lab. I look forward to joining my fans in celebrating my career with my National Team with this non-fungible token experience on the marketplace. 

There is a possibility that Messi may collaborate with a major exchange such as Binance or with a different company or project to expand his NFT venture further and compete with Ronaldo’s offerings. Such a collaboration would give Messi access to a broader market and allow him to reach a more extensive fan base. 

This prospect is even more interesting because Binance currently sponsors the Argentinian National soccer team. This link between the exchange and Messi’s home country could provide the perfect opportunity for the two parties to come together and create something extraordinary. 

Binance’s Argentinian National soccer team sponsorship could also provide a unique marketing opportunity for the exchange. By collaborating with Messi, Binance could tap into the massive fan base of the soccer star and reach a wider audience in Latin America and beyond.

Messi’s popularity and success in the NFT space and Binance’s reputation and sponsorship of the Argentinian National soccer team make this collaboration a natural fit. The soccer star’s latest NFT collection with Ethernal Labs has already shown his potential to succeed in the NFT market, and a partnership with Binance or with a different project could take his NFT offerings to the next level.

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