Forex Day Trading

I Tried Forex Day Trading for a Week (Complete Beginner)

I tried getting into Forex Day Trading as a completer beginner for one week straight in this video. To do so I watched a lot of how-to-day trade forex tutorials as well as referring to babypips. After having a call with someone who is an experienced Forex Trader and makes a full-time online income from Forex, I was told to look into a Forex Day Trading strategy called Divergence. This strategy was beginner-friendly and fairly easy to understand, however, I only got to incorporate it once in my day trading. My other trades were based on identifying patterns on the price graph and then referring to some indicators. After completing this video I realized that there is money to make with forex day trading, however, it is very risky and is different from starting an online business. Although Forex is done online, it’s not a passive form of income as you constantly have to be monitoring the charts. This video is for entertainment purposes only.