Kattana Is the All-in-One Trading Terminal Defi So Badly Needed

Kattana Is the All-in-One Trading Terminal Defi So Badly Needed

With Kattana, DeFi finally has a professional trading terminal that matches (and often exceeds) CEX ones.

As long as DeFi existed, there has been a massive gap between the tools available to traditional traders on CEXs and outside of crypto vs. the very basic tools available to DeFi traders, often having to just take whatever price is being offered on Uniswap or other AMMs. But what trader wants to be limited by blunt instruments when the price of even a tiny delay can cost millions?

The team behind Kattana knew this all too well, having already developed a successful CEX trading terminal. However, creating an effective one for DeFi presented a number of challenges, some of which seemed insurmountable.

For starters, it’s hard enough to create an accurate terminal to trade on one blockchain — Kattana’s works on 6 (with more planned). Building anything cross-chain is very difficult, let alone having quick and effective trades cross-chain. Kattana built completely new infrastructure — from scratch — to make cross-chain trading quick, accurate, and secure. The best part about this new infrastructure is that it allows quick updates and massive scalability. The features that will now be possible to release are simply mind-bending. Kattana gives users the ability to trade in real-time on over 40 DEXs across multiple networks. Traders are getting 24 charts on one screen, 3 types of limit orders, an AI-powered news aggregator, data analysis and other innovative tools.

Data accuracy is also difficult to achieve in a decentralized marketplace. To this end, Kattana has already 383 million trades on over 800,000 trading tickers. And it’s only ramping up: just on 3 blockchains, Kattana is recording 4-5k trading tickers daily.

Kattana’s CEO, Ilya Demydonok, is well aware of the challenges: “Many told me that this was impossible, but our team put in crazy long hours and created a trading terminal not only as good as any CEX but even better.”

Sometimes, something that looks easy and obvious is extremely hard to achieve in DeFi. Such is the case with limit orders the way traders are used to them on CEXs. Yet, Kattana’s engineers figured out a way to get them right and will implement proper limit orders into the next update.

All these, hard to implement but necessary for traders features create the most powerful and seamless trading experience that finally brings DeFi trading to the pro level.

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