Ripple CEO Offers Perspective On Legal Fallout With The SEC

Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of Ripple, expressed his views on the aftermath of their legal battle with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Ripple CEO Insights On The SEC’s Stand In The Legal Battle

The Ripple CEO spoke about the case between the crypto company and the SEC in an interview at the 2023 DC Tech Week. Garlinghouse highlighted the SEC’s several setbacks since the case started.

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According to the CEO, “the SEC has lost on everything that matters” when he was asked if the case is “done and dusted.” He further highlighted that the case’s conclusion rests on the SEC’s decision to pursue an appeal or not.

Nonetheless, Garlinghouse asserted that whether or not the SEC files an appeal on the case, which seems over for the regulator. This is due to the SEC’s “losing about three times to the crypto firm.”  

In addition, the CEO also brought up the SEC’s losses in the Grayscale case. In a court ruling, a trial judge declared the agency was behaving “arbitrarily and capriciously” towards Grayscales’s Spot Bitcoin ETF application

Notably, this legal wording suggests intentional and unreasonable activities done carelessly, ignoring relevant circumstances, facts, and other parties’ rights. With this incident, Garlinghouse emphasized that the SEC should reevaluate its course toward cryptocurrency regulation. The CEO stated:

I mean this is damning language from a federal judge to the SEC. At some point when you keep trying the same thing and having the same outcome, you need to change your approach. I hope the SEC’s change will be magical.

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Nonetheless, Garlinghouse noted that the SEC losses will be amplified if they decide to take the appeal process higher. 

Furthermore, Garlinghouse “reaffirmed” that Ripple stands prepared to pursue the matter further with the US Supreme Court should the situation demand it. Given that the Supreme Court has typically ruled against regulators, he firmly believes that the SEC would fail in the Supreme Court.

Regulatory Framework For the Cryptocurrency Industry

The Ripple CEO also spoke about the ambiguous regulatory framework for the cryptocurrency industry in the United States. According to Garlinghouse, other nations are increasing their market influence by implementing open rules and luring capital into the industry. On the other hand, the US continues to view cryptocurrencies with “skepticism.”

Garlinghouse conveyed that the US lacks a conducive regulatory framework. This causes the United States to “forfeit” its prospective position as a leader in the cryptocurrency space. So far, the Ripple CEO believes the US will create a crypto-friendly legal environment in the next ten years.

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