Shiba Inu Price Stabilizes As Marketing Lead Teases Upcoming ‘Journey’

Shiba Inu Price Stabilizes As Marketing Lead Teases Upcoming ‘Journey’

Amidst waves of volatility in the crypto market, the Shiba Inu price seems to be stabilizing. Meanwhile, Lucie, the marketing manager of Shiba Inu, provided important insights into the upcoming developments when she revealed the roadmap for the anticipated “journey”.

The Upcoming “Shibarium Journey”

In her most recent tweet, Lucie expressed the magnitude of the upcoming Shibarium journey. She stated, “Embarking on the Shibarium journey is a big task that demands a lot of time and commitment. Our goal is to create outstanding decentralized applications (dApps) that people will love and use.”

Elaborating on the roadmap, Lucie delved into the multifaceted strategy Shiba Inu plans to deploy. She highlighted the significant plans in store for the development of the project’s tokens, SHIB, BONE, and LEASH. Lucie underscored the goal to ensure that these tokens are “not only valuable but also have a strong utility within our ecosystem.” Such enhancements are hoped to draw in more users and investors, thereby amplifying benefits for the Shiba community.

On the topic of decentralized applications, Lucie emphasized their focus on creating “exceptional dApps that will revolutionize the decentralized world.” According to her, the forthcoming dApps will be fashioned to be user-centric, innovative, and meet the demands of the community.

Lucie also touched upon the virtual realms the team is concentrating on: the Shiboshi NFTs and the SHIB Metaverse. She believes these virtual environments will “serve as vibrant hubs for our community to connect, interact, and explore.” By shaping immersive and captivating online spaces, Lucie anticipates fostering a profound sense of community.

Lucie wrapped up her tweet affirming the commitment to Shibarium’s growth as an L2 solution, stating, “Our steadfast commitment to building Shibarium as a successful L2 solution remains unshakable.”

She championed the collaborative and innovative ethos that forms the foundation for the tokens and the burgeoning Shibarium ecosystem, saying:

This journey, marked by collaboration, innovation, and dedication, is the bedrock of our tokens’ triumph and the thriving Shibarium ecosystem. Together, we’re shaping the future of decentralized applications, one innovative step at a time. #ShibariumJourney

However, not all members of the SHIB community are on board with the project’s current trajectory. A notable tweet from @a_king_li read: “@ShytoshiKusama: L2 has been released for two months now, and there are no major projects, no good ecosystem or trustworthy swap. As a responsible official, should we release some official cooperative ecosystems or swap, so that funds can come in with peace of mind.”

The concerns primarily arise from the absence of any major dApp on Shibarium, as touched on by Lucie. Notable projects like ShibaSwap and the Metaverse are yet to be operational on Shibarium. Furthermore, there’s a noted decline in Shibarium’s user and transaction statistics. After an initial hype with over 200,000 transactions daily post-launch, recent numbers hover above a mere 10,000 transactions per day.

Shiba Inu Price Stabilizes

The stagnation in Shibarium’s development may be a contributing factor to the dissatisfaction of some community members, as well as SHIB’s recent price action. As detailed in our last in-depth analysis, the SHIB price currently treads on decisive technical grounds, influenced by two significant chart patterns.

On the 1-week chart, SHIB showcases a promising quadruple bottom formation, indicating a potential bullish surge of up to 250% if realized. Contrarily, a descending triangle pattern, which has evolved over 60 weeks, suggests a bearish downturn. This is highlighted as SHIB’s price, currently at $0.00000682, has dropped below the descending triangle’s crucial neckline of $0.00000715.

For now, SHIB has stabilized and recovered slightly, having already fallen to $0.00000671 yesterday. Hope also comes from previous instances, such as the dip in June followed by a 59% rally, suggesting the potential for swift recoveries.

However, for this to happen, SHIB needs to record a weekly close above the $0.00000715 this week or next week. This might cement the bullish quadruple bottom trajectory. In case the scenario does not play out, SHIB could fall again towards the yearly low at $0.000006.