Top 5 Forex News Website for Fundamental Analysis

Top 5 Forex News Website for Fundamental Analysis

Daily fx is a decent website for fundamental analysis and they also have a lot of tools for forex trading.

The regular economic calendar and the central bank calendar. As the new events from the central bank meetings are the most important ones, they decided to create a separate section for such news and it does help a lot to keep track of that news. The economic calendar provided by daily fx is nice and simple and easily customizable.

You can set the priority of the news, the currency pairs, and types of news as per your needs.

One of the things I liked about daily fx is that you can directly add the news event to your calendar and also set alerts which are really very helpful. They also have a smartphone app for both IOS and Android which can really be very beneficial for you when you don’t have your laptop with you.

At number 4 we have Myfxbook.

Myfxbook has become a go-to website for all the new forex traders and it is due to the variety of tools and educational things they offer. Myfxbook offers you a community of like-minded traders from whom you can copy trades and also create and manage your own portfolio. Due to this a lot of traders started using the economic calendar from Myfxbook itself.

Why go to different places when you have everything under one roof. Just like every economic calendar you can customize the economic calendar on my fx book as per your needs.

You can also set an alert on the website and time when you wanna be notified.

They have an app for both ios and android and you can get alerts directly on your smartphone via the app.

The 3rd is is truly a haven for investors and traders and provides an easy-to-use economic calendar and lots of blogs from some of the trading experts.

Even here you have the same economic calendar as the first two provided and you can customize and add alerts over here too. Here the news is more reliable than my fx book and daily fx. Just like the first two, also has an app on the app store and play store.

The 2nd one is fxstreet

There is a reason why I am keeping Fxstreet at number 2. fxstreet is very very reliable. FXStreet is a leading source for reliable news and real-time Forex analysis. FXStreetoffers real-time exchange rates, charts, and an economic calendar.

Being a forex dedicated website, it has a lot to offer for the traders and provides easy and reliable economic data. In the economic calendar section, you get three different options. the first one is the normal economic calendar like every website provides. The next section is of interest rates where you get detailed interest rate-related news and content and the third is of market hours where you can see the timings of different types of sessions.

By the way, I have added a video on different kinds of sessions and which pairs to target during each session you can check it out by clicking the I button. On FXstreet you can add the news to your personal calendar directly and also set a notification. And it is also available on ios and android.

At number 1 we have

Forexfactory is my personal favorite website for reading economic calendars. And the reason for that is nothing but the reliability, Yes, the forex factory does not have features like its other competitors have.

Here you cannot set alerts and you also do not have a different section for central banks news. But it is the most reliable website for reading news as during a news release forex factory first compares the news from 10 different sources and then shows it on their website to make it very reliable.

Forex factory has a very simple and user-friendly interface and news is quite easy to ready. They also provide top articles just below the economic calendar and these articles keep on changing with every other news release and hence help you be up to date with the global news events. Unfortunately, there is no app available for the forex factory and you have to use it on an internet.

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